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Product Philosophy

The products in SCHÖN&GUT come from our own manufacturing, from other social enterprises in Austria and Europe, from local designers and social entrepreneurs.

Inspiring Products


  • Our products are preferably manufactured by social enterprises whose objectives are oriented towards the common good.
  • Our products are manufactured under ecological and sustainability criteria.
  • Our products are manufactured in Europe under fair conditions and in compliance with the highest labour standards.
  • When selecting products, we take care to keep transport distances as short as possible.
  • Our products are of high quality. Handicraft and passion for what is made are important selection factors.
  • Our products are sought after because, in addition to their usefulness, they stand out from the mass production through creativity and pizzazz.
  • We sell our products at a reasonable price. They should be affordable.
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tschutti heftli 2021

On 9 April 2021, the time has come. We are launching the purchase of the collector's album with style and social added value for the 2020 European Football Championship, which will now take place in 2021.