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Product Philosophy

The products in SCHÖN&GUT come from our own manufacturing, from other social enterprises in Austria and Europe, from local designers and social entrepreneurs.

Inspiring Products


  • Our products are preferably manufactured by social enterprises whose objectives are oriented towards the common good.
  • Our products are manufactured under ecological and sustainability criteria.
  • Our products are manufactured in Europe under fair conditions and in compliance with the highest labour standards.
  • When selecting products, we take care to keep transport distances as short as possible.
  • Our products are of high quality. Handicraft and passion for what is made are important selection factors.
  • Our products are sought after because, in addition to their usefulness, they stand out from the mass production through creativity and pizzazz.
  • We sell our products at a reasonable price. They should be affordable.
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tschutti heftli 2021

Click here for the tschutti heftli soccer-sticker-album with social value and all tschutti products.