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Latest news and updates at FAIRkauf

24.04.2018 - tschutti sticker swap exchange

Dear fans of our tschutti heftli, use all options to swap your stickers!

From 20th April on!

Swap exchange at KANT_INE 14 and in our SCHÖN&GUT – shop

06.04.2018 - INVITATION to our tschuttissage 2018

The Presentation of this year's tschutti heftli 2018, in Vienna / Austria

The celebration will take place

on: Friday, 13th of April
start: 13:13 o’Clock (1:13 p.m.)
where: SCHÖN & GUT-Laden, Preßgasse 28 (Corner Mühlgasse), 1040 Vienna / Austria

  • We will present the brand-new-tschutti-heftli 2018,
  • as well as the artists,
  • our sales team,
  • our retailers
  • and we hope also to welcome some Austrian soccer players.

We would be pleased to welcome you!

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.
Registration ist requested: tschuttissage@jobtransfair.at