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Our partners from Emmausgemeinschaft St. Pölten


Logo Emmausgemeinschaft
Picture showing the shop of Emmausgemeinschaft

Handmade, regional and with social added value

The Emmaus Community St. Pölten was founded in 1982 by the theologian and social worker Karl Rottenschlager. The association for the integration of socially disadvantaged people operates facilities at seven locations in St. Pölten to support people in crisis situations. These include emergency sleeping facilities, day centres, residential homes, a counselling centre, work and employment places as well as day centre places for women, men and young people. Every day, about 320 people are supported and accompanied by a multi-professional team of 155. In addition, about 30 community service workers and over 100 volunteers work at Emmaus Community St. Pölten every year.

The products offered by Emmaus at SCHÖN&GUT are made in their own workshops by clients - called guests at Emmaus - from a wide variety of materials such as wood, glass, enamel, textiles and much more.


Puzzle pieces forming a turtle

Source (text and photos): Emmausgemeinschaft St. Pölten