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Our partners from Kazi Yetu


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Kazi Yetu is a supplier of gourmet food and beverages produced in East Africa, recognised by the German World Shop Association. The production chains are transparent, the products sustainable and fair. The social enterprise's operating site is in Tanzania, the distribution warehouse in Germany.

Kazi Yetu emphasises local value creation and the production of creative products, creates valuable jobs under fair conditions, especially for young or single women, and moves away from the pure export of raw materials, as is often the case. The natural ingredients for the products are sourced from around 2,500 smallholder farmers who receive a premium price for their products.

The natural tea blends with recyclable packaging do not contain any additional flavourings, so that you only taste what you actually see in the cup. Some delicious products from Kazi Yetu are now also available in the SCHÖN&GUT online shop - try them out right away!


Products such as teas from Kazi Yetu

Source (text and photos): (c) Kazi Yetu