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Our partners from Mamas Werkstatt


Lettering Mamas Werkstatt
Sweet hand-sewn products from mom's workshop, such as mother-child passport covers and cherry stone pillows

Promoting the skills of single women

In view of the changed economic and labour market specific conditions, many women from the mother-child facilities and clients of the counselling centre of the St. Elisabeth Foundation have lost their hard-won employment. With the pilot project "Mamas Werkstatt", the foundation wants to accompany single mothers into independence through targeted, individual promotion of their skills.

Within the framework of temporary employment, single mothers are given the opportunity to improve their income situation. They learn how to make products for mother and child as well as important entrepreneurial skills in organising buying and selling. The result is a higher self-esteem and growing confidence in being able to cope well with future challenges.

The mamas make products that can be purchased by mamas. All products are sustainable, organic and made with love - and are now also available at SCHÖN&GUT.


A creative mom sews the next product

Source (text and photos): Mamas Werkstatt/St. Elisabeth-Stiftung