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Our partner
Maria Hera


Logo Maria Hera
Portrait image of Maria Hera in front of a colorful collage

Touching people at the core of their being

The German artist Maria Hera studied fine arts at the FH-Hannover and is a master student of Prof. Bernhard Gabert. She has lived and worked in Vienna since 2008.

Maria Hera's works are huge collages of media images and text fragments that wander across the walls, creating a unique synthesis from the daily flood of media images to decode the messages they convey to us and transform them into questions rather than answers. Her artistic work focuses on collage - installation and spatial intervention, street art projects such as performance and video art. The collage works on sheet music were created in cooperation with the composer Julian Gamisch. (https://www.juliangamisch.org)

"Images affect our subconscious in a few fractions of a second and thus influence our feelings, thoughts and ultimately our reality. I have always used scissors and glue to intellectually explore the visual media messages and create my own vision of reality. I love to tell stories. Stories worth telling, to wonder, to inspire, to light the fire of inspiration."

Now also at SCHÖN&GUT!


Collage of Maria Hera

Source (text and photos): Maria Hera / Header-Bild © Antoine Jourjon / B98“ IG: @antoine_jourjon