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Different Snorre plant pots

snorre - the new level for plants

Discarded slatted frames become an extraordinary design object that takes your favourite plants to the next level - that's snorre.

Whether it's a small cactus, hanging ivy or gigantic monstera, snorre adapts to all planters. Thanks to a clever pull mechanism, snorre is flexible and grows with every potted plant throughout its life.

3 good reasons for snorre: to beautify the home, to protect the environment through upcycling and to support Viennese social workshops like Caritas, where each snorre is assembled by hand by motivated young people.

And who had the idea? Max & Thomas, one an architect, the other a marketing consultant. Two plant lovers, friends for years, passionate hobbyists and now also a young start-up that is taking off with snorre in Vienna.


Image from the Snorre workshop, where plant pots are made

Source (text and photos): Maximilian Klammer von snorre