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tag.werk, an employment project of the Caritas of the Diocese of Graz Seckau, has been supporting young people in difficult life situations since 1999 and helps to (re)integrate them into the work process and give them future prospects.

Every day, up to 25 socially disadvantaged young people between the ages of 15 and 25 are offered a low-threshold job entry and employment within the framework of daily work contracts. Basic qualifications such as punctuality, reliability, responsibility, perseverance and that work can also be fun are taught. Values ​​such as community, handling resources and upcycling are lived.

Orientation and perspective work is carried out as part of the accompanying socio-educational measures. In addition, there is help in finding a job and an apprenticeship and in cooperation with the youth coach, future paths are planned.

In one of the six workshops, the sewing workshop, backpacks and waist bags made of tarpaulin, awnings and leather are made, among other things, which now also enrich our range at SCHÖN&GUT.


A seamstress at work in the tag.werk workshop

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