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The Scrapbook Alternative

Collecting with style and a clear conscience: The tschutti heftli football scrapbook has no commercial background, but rather enables collectors to pursue their passion with style and a clear conscience. With your purchase, you support people who are having a hard time in the job market and gain valuable experience with us that makes it easier for them to return to work. In addition, for each fair-bought sticker bag, 0.10 euros will be donated to the Kicking Without Borders project for the organization of the Girls Cup. Kicking Without Borders is an educational project that enables young people to take part in free football training sessions. In this way, they also train emotional and social skills. The project helps young people from disadvantaged communities enter the education system and uses the unifying power of football.

Tschutti heftli for the 2022 European Women's Football Championship are available in these stores:


Source (text and photos) : https://www.tschuttiheft.li/