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Our partners from the association GIN


Logo Verein GIN
beautiful flower meadow under a blue sky

autonomy through self-determination

Since 1992, the association GIN - community for integration and normalization - has been offering support for people with intellectual or multiple disabilities with the aim of comprehensive support for more autonomy in life through self-determination - "as much support as necessary, as little support as possible".

In the Kreativwerkstätte Tokiostraße in Vienna's 22nd district, people with intellectual disabilities, who are interested in handicrafts, produce all sorts of creative things - from woodwork, textile and ceramic work to object construction and artistic design. The project fucusses on the development of social, manual and cognitive skills, support in developing personal initiative and taking responsibility for one's own actions, the development and increase of self-esteem through the manufacture of products with utility and sales value.

Our SCHÖN&GUT Social-Concept-Store is allowed to offer the beautiful, lovingly hand-woven and knotted hammocks as well as great bracelets and lanyards, vases and cups from our partners of the GIN association.


colorful hammock between two trees made by the GIN association

Source (Text and Images): Copyright association GIN