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tschutti heftli - The scrapbook alternative

Since 2008, tschutti heftli has been giving football, or rather footballers, a new, artistic face. Instead of boring photos, the Swiss football album consists of small works of art designed by artists from all over the world that are really worth collecting. Finally the whole thing results in its own little art gallery in a handy format.

It shows the modern heros of football in contemporary portrait illustrations and puts the sport and its protagonists in a new light: art, entertainment, sport and socially critical thinking united in one idea, in one album. The commercialisation of football recedes into the background. Instead, cultural and charitable projects are presented and supported.

The tschutti heftli was also present at the cradle of SCHÖN&GUT: "Because I liked the stickers so much, I got in touch with Silvan (founder of tschutti heftli) in Switzerland and offered him to distribut them in Austria. He was also immediately enthusiastic about the idea. This was the beginning of our first partnership, which has since become a friendship. (Thomas Rihl, CEO of JT).

Since then, in Austria, the tschutti heftli has been sold by people disadvantaged in the labor market. They get supported by the non-profit company Job-TransFair, a subsidiary of BFI Vienna, in their search for a new, permanent job. In the socio-economic employment project DIE KÜMMEREI and the social concept store SCHÖN&GUT, these people find temporary employment in which they can gain valuable work experience. Since 2016, we are selling and distributing tschutti bildli to collectors throughout Austria and other European countries. Our employees and transit workers also gain something, namely valuable experience in purchasing and trading thereby increasing their chances of returning to work. Job-TransFair is supported with financial resources from the AMS Wien.

In 2024, part of the revenues from selected tschutti products will go to our partner SPIELERPASS, a non-profit association that has been committed to the support of people with disabilities in Austrian football since 2016, true to the motto “Football is for everyone!” For our special, additional products, we pass on part of the sales price as your donation to SPIELERPASS. (Donation IBAN AT08 2011 1828 7963 6300)


Source (text and photos) : https://www.tschuttiheft.li/