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Our partner
Verena Maria Swan


Logo Verena Maria Swan
Autumnal picture of Verena Maria Swan in a yellow dress on a beautiful bridge

Moods & Vibes

Artist Verena Maria Swan affirms the importance of the role of women in contemporary society in all that she does, whether in her paintings, collages and illustrations or in her counselling work. At the same time, she wants to challenge them to believe more in themselves, in their ability to reflect and in their independence.

As a counter-model to her visionary and imaginary golden portraits of women, she has created the BEE Moods & Vibes card set, consisting of 30 humorously illustrated picture cards. They can be used as mood barometers and at the same time they offer positive affirmations & vibes on the back. Feelings and moods can be reflected, looked at more closely and expressed. The little bees reflect both pleasant and unpleasant emotions. The cards can be used in many ways, both for private use and for coaches, counsellors, trainers, therapists and educators.

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BEE mood cards with great illustrations and inspiring texts

Source: Verena Maria Swan / Photo Verena Maria ©Matthaeus Anton Schmid



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