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tschutti heftli sticker collections
A major football event without a sticker album is unimaginable for many fans. For the Euro 2016 in France this hobby can be realized with clear conscience and shared with friends and family.

The stickers are unique: all pictures of the players were created by artists. The result is a high-quality design and collector's item, not only attractive to football fans.

This is seen by many to be an art gallery in book form.

The proceeds from the sale of the stickers and the originals go in part to "terre des hommes" and the Austrian association “login - health promotion and social integration”. By handling all sales activities we can support 14 job-seeking persons older than 50 years (50 PLUS) and offer them training on the job.

By the way: "tschutten", derived from the English "to shoot", means playing soccer in Swiss-German.

Your-Daily-Maradona - A guide to the worldcup 2018
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